Science communication and PR for research rocket experiment

FORAREX is an interdisciplinary student research project. Students from Bremen have conducted an experiment with foraminifera (a small marine organism with a calcareous shell). The aim was to investigate the effect of weightlessness on foraminifera. The experiment has so far been implemented within the European research program REXUS 26, where a research rocket was a research rocket with our experiment onboard was launched into space. After two years of preparation, the rocket flight took place in spring 2019.

From 2017 to 2020, I have been the manager for public relations and Communications. I developed the design and oversaw the social media channels and the website. Thereby I formed the interface between science and the general public. My main task was to communicate the science of this project. My team members were biologists, chemists, system engineers, computer scientists, and geologists. This interdisciplinarity posed the main challenge of the communicative process, which I enjoyed. Communication with the local press was just as much a part of my job as presenting various events. Examples are several Science Slams or the Girls'Day at the Fallturm Bremen.