Exhibition Management

Exhibition managment and curation of media art exhibition at international student film festival Sehsüchte

The Exhibition "Beyond the Frame" is part of the International Student Film Festival Sehsüchte. In 2021, Sehsüchte had its 50th anniversary. The exhibition aims to present new forms of storytelling, interactive media, installations, immersive experiences, and digital art.

In 2021, I was part of the Exhibition Team. We curated the art pieces and organized the exhibition and exhibition space.

In 2022, I was one of two Lead Managers for the Exhibition and managed the team, application, and curation process, and the setup and design of the exhibition together with India Aparicio.

Impressions of the exhibition 2022


credits photography for all 2022 pictures: Lucas Grey

Impressions of the exhibition 2021.

sehsuechte01 credits photography: Anna Eschenbacher, artwork: Remnants by Safe Space Collective

sehsuechte02 credits photography: Frederik Lorenz, artwork: Montage Class by Marlis Roth

sehsuechte03 credits photography: Anna Eschenbacher

sehsuechte04 credits photography: Anna Eschenbacher, artwork: Melting Consciousness by Tian Wu

sehsuechte06 credits photography: Frederik Lorenz

sehsuechte07 credits photography: Anna Eschenbacher, artwork: Hi Auntie Stop La Hi Hi Powerful Face by Hou Lam