Previsualisation app of sceneries for theaters with AR

ScenARy is a previsualization tool to facilitate and support communication about the stage set between different actors in the theatre. I developed the augmented reality (AR) app with a team of eight students in cooperation with the Landestheater Linz and first.stage. Part of the project was UX Research and Evaluations of our Prototypes. At the Landestheater, we evaluated and further developed the app scientifically with theatre staff.

Technical conception:

With ScenARy, users can draw their stage objects, scan real objects or select them from a library. Users can flexibly decide where the stage should be previsualized. The objects can be placed directly on the stage or a table with the help of augmented reality and SLAM. Alternatively, the objects can be mapped onto playing cards.

My main tasks:

Unity Development, Realization of the drawing of own objects (frontend and backend), conversion of the drawing to Augmented Reality objects, C# programming, UX research: evaluation at the theatre, conception of the object library, scientific documentation.