Real Virtuality

VR installation with robotics

Where do reality end and virtuality begin? Is there such a boundary at all?

The project, explicitly planned for an exhibition, takes up the question of the border. The visitor takes a seat in a red armchair in a room, puts on VR glasses, and then sees the room in which they are sitting with all its objects. The virtuality of the scenery is further challenged by the appearance of an actor who acts as an exhibition visitor. The actor treats the person as part of the exhibition, addresses them directly, asks questions. When the actor in the video touches the seated person, a robot arm simultaneously touches the visitor - for this brief moment, the boundaries become blurred. Through the immersiveness of the experience, the concept of the separation of virtuality and reality is questioned.

The work was a group project with three other students. In addition to organization and conception, my task here was primarily the design of the space and the presentation. The work was awarded the interdisciplinary prize by the University of the Arts 2018.